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Looking for cougar east ridge Wants Encounters

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Looking for cougar east ridge

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Though many people have reported seeing cougars in the East, Service biologists have found no scientific evidence of the eastern cougar subspecies since the late s. They have concluded that escorts boca raton juarez subspecies known as eastern cougar is extinct. The cougars that many people have seen in the East from Maine to South Lolking originally may have been kept as pets or for exhibition and originated in the West or in South American.

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Eastern cougar (=puma)

My wife and I both saw the cat. I was traveling squamish escorts new Wolf River Bend road that connects to Houston Levee, and when I was appoaching about a quarter of mile before you reach Lokking. I quickly took a second look to see if I truly saw what I thought I saw and confirmed it was a large cat.

I usually see deer in this field but thought these looked to dark to be deer. I saw it head on, watching me from across the field - and I prostitute in vancouver washington to get closer to take a photo - and got within 30 or 40 yards of it - and then it turned sideways and loooing off into a small area of trees.

Cougar ridge to jack creek meadow to east ridge loop

And just as I was passing it I realized it was a cougar and backed up to look at it again but it dissapeared into the woods. George's Independent School, Collierville the Wolf River Entrance sitting in the road was a cougar, looked about the size of a full grown labrador, but thin. I took a shot and albany bay independent escorts underneath it's belly.

My father is a trapper so I am quite familiar with fox, coyote, bobcat. In fact, I am so confident this cat is a threat to surrounding livestock, I stopped the ann arbor personals day to share my experience with the gentleman that owns cattle within close proximity to my sighting.

My husband said, "do you SEE that? They leaped over the grass and we noticed their long tails. Live nude shows called the TWRA and they filled out a report. Bruce Wright, New Brunswick wildlife biologist and author, with what is believed to be the last eastern puma.

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It was at least five feet long not counting it's very long tail. I was so fascinated by the jourdanton tx adult personals thing I went back to rush the family up to see it ,but by the time we ran back out I didn't see it any more, but I am certain it was a cougar.

My heart was beating at the sight and I remember noting that it had a long tail and round ears because I wanted to be sure about what I was seeing. But there was a big difference in size with this cat and it had a long tail. We pulled over in time to see the cat disappear into the bushes. He saint petersburg escort a chestnut brown color, and the sun made his coat shine.

Cougar ridge real estate statistics

I turned a high powered light on it and it ran off. I ruled out bobcat when I noted ridfe long tail. It crossed the road about 20 feet in front of my truck.

My wife thought I was nuts until it moved into an opening. This cat was about four feet long with a tail that was about as long, and weights at least - pounds, the wolf river is close by, and with all the food source that is in this area, I would expect much more sightings. I was able to pull over quietly, and observe as the cat watched his prey and advanced upon it in a very stealth like manner. escorts in sutherland shire

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eqst It bounded into the treeline when I stopped the truck to get a better look. It was running on the pavement. Those were the explanations offered to me after contacting TWRA I am quite familiar ananindeua sex personals how those animals appear in the wild. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market.

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The cat finally went cugar the woods. Thinking how rudge the shadows and the head lights made it look. As our vehicle approached the cat rose up and begin to slowly walk down the road bank Though many people have reported seeing cougars in the East, Service biologists have found no scientific evidence of the eastern cougar subspecies since the late s.

He had a long 3 foot tail. I called my sister to see if bobcats could have tails?!

We did'nt see the cougar itself. I couldn't believe it would be true myself, so when I got home, Looking for cougar east ridge checked on the web and found others have seen them too. Definitely moved like a cat and was not domestic because it was big 75 lbs maybe? I saw it when it got up milford escort took about two steps and jumped into the trees and weed lining the road.

So I haven't done anything about it again up until now - and have not seen the animal again over fir.

I was scouting for the upcoming Kentucky Turkey season.