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Looking for a skinny petite ugly duckling

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View Full Version : former ugly ducklings? I was seriously oblivious to all makeup products and hair products and how to use them. I had really frizzy hair, acne, and was a complete tom boy.

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Ah, anyway, I was bloody ugly until That's why I roll my eyes so hard when someone on here talks about how being pretty is just luck. By age 15 I was 5'2" and weighed pounds.

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At ufly point I was feeling much better about myself. I've delight alexandria escorts so many damn teeth cut out of my mouth and next week I get to go in and have FIVE wisdom teeth removedbraces for three years, lots of waxing, and contacts. I would like braces though.

I just say hi, smile and walk away. I grew 5 and a half inches in one year astounded that I have zero stretch marks, reallygot boobs albeit little ones but I love them and started intermittantly modeling at It's not so much that I think less of prague female escorts as if I even couldbut more that I think better of myself because I was the girl teased and now desired, you know?

Seriously, I looked like I was in the first stages of werewolf transformation in a low budget horror movie. My face started to change when I had my looking for a skinny petite ugly duckling bulgarian escort chicago out and now 10 years later I look like I've had massive surgery Guys all the sudden started asking me out and i wasn't the laughing stock in school anymore and it just got better from there.

You look lovely in blue!

I was really hideous, people couldn't tell me that I was pretty as edmonton strapon escort little girl because I knew damn well that I wasn't. Super skinny with s,inny potbelly, HUGE glasses, pointy chin, "little beady eyes" While some adults appreciated my pale skin and dark make up a lot said that I looked like a china doll or even the girls in geisha paintings when I wore the red ducklinggit made others very wary of me and didn't want their kids hanging out with me.

My cheap, hand me down clothes always looked odd on top of that, considering escorts lowestoft yucatan a lot of kids in my GT classes came from families that were upper-middle class and bought them new clothes. Spends like it's going out of style, but godDAMN is he a grabby motherfucker.


I think I have become a attractive woman. Teeny tiny boobs until I was Bullshit, any woman who doesn't have a flat out deformity can be attractive with some effort.

Yes, I fuck buddy aurora lazy : goreantx I've felt confident in my appearance from my earliest memories. Eventually natural beauty kicked in and with no maintenance I was well above average again, but nothing to write home about. Lost the weight, grew my hair out, toned down my make up some I look at old photos and go "dear skkinny that poor child". I wasn't super ugly after that, though.

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I finally feel beautiful. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or heading. Then I turned 17, got my braces off, grew a C cup chest over night, and slowly learned to apply make up, traralgon 118 ave prostitution just grew into myself. Christmas break sophmore year my best dudkling decided to give me a makeover during a sleepover and omg i'm still grateful till this day for her making me realize how hot i really was.

Too skinny?

Buttface until it got to the point where im sure other people saw me the way i saw myself. When I was young, like pre, I had a shepparton escort guide face, but I had a crooked overbite and cavities from my grandmother, the idiot bitch, giving me soda in fucking BOTTLES from the time I was a baby until I was old enough to understand that bottles were something for infants at aroundmy two front teeth very large for my face, and those shitty home hair cuts where it looked like my mom used a bowl to cut my bangs and just did a straight cut at the bottom of the rest.

By age 13, I had converted to Wicca and was aptly named the local witch who 29f attractive hispblk seeking whitefish sacraficed goats in Satanic rituals and had orgies in fields and pastures on full moons. Gym was especially hard for me because i was really skinny back then. BrookePM I was a really beautiful child, completely naturally I had acne pretty badly for a minute and, after that, scary pale skin to the point that some people thought I was dead if I slept.

MarvelGirlAM I was excessively hairy think Wolverine sideburns and chest hair with a monstrous overbite and an extra set of elongated canines as.

I didn't have a clue about makeup, except I could do ok eyeliner. How shallow of me You know.

Things werent better armagh escorts school where the boys name called me and such. When I was almost 18 I started hearing s,inny I was pretty.

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I've always been freakishly smart but back then i didn't care what i looked like. I blame most of that on a horrid marriage right after I turned 16 and when Tayyor escort turned 17 and left him, I prostitute hire bracknell started looking a lot better. Wkinny allergies that I didn't know about so my undereyes were puffy all the time. I looked like the dog girl of a circus freak show.

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Its funny, as I get older I think I get better looking Working on paling up my skin some again to and getting rid of stretchmarks from all that weight gain when I was married. They irritate the bejesus out of me because most of the time their starting point is a helluva lot better than mine was and yet they still do nothing with themselves. Then when you turn into a swan you're a 100 escorts trenton whammy!

People don't believe me when I talk about what I used to look like, and I don't have the pictures to prove it because I don't keep any pictures of me as a. My cheeks were still chipmunk like due to my weight and the fact that I had become bulimic the spring before I turned Then when I was 15 I got into punk rock and had a pink mowhawk, piercings, wore the craziest outfits etc.

I've gottem a eternity oshawa escort lot better looking as I've aged. Ackward facial structure.

You can edit your question or post anyway. I didn't really start to change how I saw myself and how others saw brooklyn escorts untill I was Trust me, in this little backwoods town, that was odd enough to cast me out.

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You know, we should totally post goofy high school pictures of ourselves! I was seriously oblivious to all makeup products and hair products and how to use them.

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